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Box Kite

Box Kites

These kites have rigid cells and are mostly fairly lightly built, so not for very high winds.
Please ask if you want a high wind box.
They can be fiddly to put together, so not for unsupervised children or the clumsy...
Classic Box Kites


from £50-00
from £27-50
Solo Cube BoxesSolo Cube Box, with Rainbow tail, and line33 cm£18-50
3 Cell Box Kite3 Cell Box Kite130cmfrom £80-00
5 Cell Box Kite5 Cell Box Kite130cmfrom £110-00
Hexagonal Box KiteHexagonal Box Kite96cm£50-00
9 Cell Box Kite9 Cell Box Kite150cm£175-00
Ribbon Box KiteRibbon Box Kite120cm£65-00
Croydon Box KiteCroydon Box Kite175cm£95-00