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No-one really knows where the Flook originated. Some say it was the dark jungles of Borneo, some the splendid wastes of the Mongolian steppe. I found my first Flook in the mundane confines of a small terraced house in Norwich, deep in the winter of 1994/5. He was lurking between the pages of a gloomy and mysterious book. During that long, dark and difficult winter, we became somewhat wary friends... Mr Flook
Train of Flooks That first Flook was a magnificent beast, large, colourful and fully grown (or so I thought). He was a bit of a beast, and we had to learn respect for each other. Later, I found that the genus contains specimens of many sizes and many, many types. The Flook is a master of diguise, sometimes appearing as a purring cat or tail-wagging dog, sometimes as a fierce dragon or deceptively flighty penguin, perhaps as a scarecrow or an elephant, unicorn or pig, old man or eunuch.....
And they do like hanging around in groups....

Small Flook

-from £13-50 with flying line.
Kite is 40-45 cm by 65 cm with 1.25 metre tails.

Mr Flook Purple People Eater Flook
Piglet Flook Penguin Flook

Medium Flook

-from £50-00 - price does not include a bag; £3-00 extra.
Kite is 90 cm by 140 cm with 2.5 metre tails. Needs 50lb line.

Cat Flook Butterfly Flook
Black and White Flook

Large Flook

- from £110-00 including a carrying bag.
Kite is 132 cm by 180 cm with 4 metre tails. Needs 100lb line. None of the Flooks are hard to fly, and all have a wide wind-range.

Tutankhamun Flook Big Clown Flook
Eunuch Flook


Much later, I found that my first friend was a mere stripling compared with his big brother....the Megaflook!

-from £200-00 including a pair of carrying bags.
Kite is 185 cm by 295 cm with 6 metre tails. Needs 200lb line. Not a difficult kite, in spite of its size..

Megaflook at the Beach