Raindrop Kites

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3 Sorts of TailsFluffy tails £1-00 metre

10 colour, 10 metre flat, double-hemmed tails with wooden winder and swivel £12-50

Graduated tails - in 7 colours
10, 20, 30, 40, 50 metres, £1-20 per metre
I can make any 7 colour combination. All double hemmed.

Tube tails - please ring for a quote.

Rainbow tail - Seven lengths, in rainbow colours, naturally, of 150 cm by 2.5 cm on a clip and swivel. Very pretty. £4

Banner streamer - 3 metre (10ft) by 7cm, double hemmed streamer in rainbow colours or whatever you like, with clip, two swivels, and a fevver. Twizzle about in lively fashion from a pole or kite. £5-00 Other lengths to order.

Thousand Things Tail - 10 colours, 10 metres, 10 strands, with wooden winder and swivel (see picture...) £35-00

I also make big tapered tube tails, pillow tails, banner tails and others. Please ask...

Poi - Maori Twirling Toy.
Regular Poi - £8-50 pair
Megapoi - £15-00 pair
(To order, as no longer kept in stock)
Twirly Whirly - swirly ribbon toy
Small £2-50 Large £4-00

I am happy to make these to order with your own headers for resale. Minimum quantity is 8 twirly whirlies of either size. (and in multiples of 8...) I do a lot of these for circus workshop people. Ask for a quote...

Sky Writer - Narrow 10 metre twirling ribbon in 10 colours plus black-and-white, with 3 metre pole. Ultimately spectacular toy
Thousand Things Tail
Twirly Whirly